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  • What is a salt-free water conditioner?
    A salt-free water conditioner can help address the problems hard water causes in your home. However, it does not remove the minerals that cause hard water like a water softener does. You can pair the conditioner with a pre-carbon filter that also helps to reduce foul odors and tastes associated with chlorine, so you’re left with water that feels, tastes and smells better.
  • How does a salt-free water conditioner work?
    A salt-free water conditioner works by using anti-scaling resin to alter the chemical structure of minerals like magnesium or calcium, which makes it easier to clean buildup. Unlike traditional water softeners, salt-free water softener alternatives do not remove hardness.
  • What is the best salt-free water conditioner?
    The Watermark Salt-Free Water Conditioner was designed with you and your home in mind. This system preserves beneficial minerals in your water, reduces scale buildup on your appliances and makes it easier to remove spots and scale on your shower doors or dishes. It’s also eco-friendly and virtually maintenance-free.
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