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Watermark Plus - Electric Automatic Backwashing

Water Filter System Plus Salt-free Conditioner


Clean, Healthy, Hydrating Water

  • WQA Gold Seal Inside* Premium Filtration
  • Better-than bottled water at every faucet.
  • Premium Salt-less Water Conditioner


Removes / Reduces

  • Bad Tastes & Odors
  • 97%+ Chlorine & Chloramines
  • Lead, Mercury, Chromium, Copper
  • PFAS, VOCS, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals
  • Prevents & Protects Against Bacteria
  • Reduces Hard Water Scale Build-up


Specifically designed to address the taste, odors, contaminants & hard water in both municipal water and ground-water wells. Developed by over 40 years of water purification R&D, its award winning design includes over 3000 acres of filtration surface area, for the most effective removal of chemicals, heavy metal & organics, along with proprietary hard water conditioning: Natural Phosphorus Polyphosphate & Zeolite Media. Removes/Reduces chlorine, chemicals, PFAS, VOVs, pesticides & heavy metals, for truly clean, purified water through-out your entire home.


ModelWMPLS10EL | 1-4 Bathroom Homes

  • 2 Million Gallons or 10-15 Years
  • 10-15GPM High Filtered Water Flow
  • 2 Micron Filtration
  • Built-in By-pass Valve
  • Dimensions H54" x W9.5" x D12"
  • 1" Inlet & Outlet 


ModelWMPLS20EL | 4-8 Bathroom Homes

  • 3 Million Gallons or 10-15 Years
  • 15-20GPM High Filtered Water Flow
  • 2 Micron Filtration 
  • Built-in By-pass Valve
  • Dimensions H59" x W12.5" x D15"
  • 1" Inlet & Outlet


Watermark Exceptionally Clean | 10 Year Warranty | Made in the USA

Watermark Plus Electric

  • Next Wave - our highest efficiency control valve. Features HE regeneration technology and adjustable backwash frequency.

    • Touch Pad LCD Display

    • Time saving quick connect features on bypass, drain
      line and powercord.

    • Advanced: meter delayed, days of week, calendar clock, meter immediate, meter override.

    • Self charging capacitor keeps date / time of day for
      48 hours while programming remains in permanent

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